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Quick catch-up

Still here folks,  just been super busy and not had a chance to update my site. Been pretty active around the web though, so plenty for you to see (and get caught up on if you missed it) -just follow the Twitter link.

Almost finished my postgrad  Multimedia and Web Authoring course. Can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. Learned some new stuff which is good – .Net, Flash/ActionScript, Silverlight and shored up my Javascript knowledge too.

Also, been doing some design-y stuff in my free time. Will get all of them uploaded here ASAP, along with my Uni projects if I can find somewhere to host them.

So, yep, that’s it for now. Expect some work posts to go up in the next week or so, when I get some time off from Uni assignments.
In the meantime there’s always Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date.

Ciao for now.