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Reachout With Arts in Mind Annual Report 2009-2010

reachout with arts in mind annual report 2009-10 cover

Reachout Annual Report Cover

Company: Reachout With Arts In Mind, Alloa

Task: Design and compile annual report for distribution to members and funders and for use as project publicity. Deadline was the AGM 24th March 2011.

Technologies: MS Publisher, Photoshop/GIMP

Dates: March 1st – March 20th 2011

As part of the preparation for their AGM Reachout wanted an Annual Report compiled and designed. It was to highlight and publicize their recent achievements – including exhibitions, conferences and relocation. All reports and statements were supplied, along with some images. My task was to design a vibrant layout, as well as proofing any text and sourcing some additional images to enhance the report.

The purple and yellow background are based on previous Reachout publicity material. I also thought a strong, darker background colour would serve to highlight the photographs and artwork; which is key to an arts project. The font is Arial in black, which is plain and easy to read, again the simplicity is to keep the focus on any images.

The real challenge was ensuring the maximum number of images could be incorporated into to the report around the text, which is important for telling the story of the project. While this did lead to the report being 20 pages, there was 2 years worth of material included.

The report was warmly received by staff and group members alike. I hope that it can be used to generate support and continued interest in a vital project.

Below are just some of the pages of the report. A PDF version of the full publication can be viewed here on the Reachout Website.