Rise Against Poster

Rise Against Endgame Poster

Client: Rise Against (through Creative Allies)

Task: Design a poster to commemorate Rise Against’s ‘Endgame’ album

Technologies: Photoshop

Date: April 2012

This was created for a design competition on The brief was to create a poster which captured the ideas within the Endgame album- specifically revolution, endings and rebirth.

I was particularly struck by the lyrics used here and wanted to represent this, hence the burning Earth. The flame effect was created by building up several layers of different textures and filter effects and then blending them onto the Earth image.

I created 2 versions. The second displayed the message of rebirth a bit more, but despite the concept in my head, the finished version was not exactly as planned. In the end I think less was more.

Rise Against Poster

Version 2

Up The Villa Website and Header

Up the Villa Header

Up the Villa Header

Client: Up the Villa

Task: Style the existing WordPress-based website.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Photoshop

Date: August 2011 – March 2012

This was another job for David Grimble, Up the Villa is his main website.

This job began in August 2011 but has been ongoing since then, including most recently when the underlying WordPress theme was changed leading to a complete re-skinning.

The initial task was to style the existing site to make it more recognizable as an Aston Villa fan site. I changed the colour scheme to match the team’s strips (claret, sky blue and yellow). I created a background image incorporating the chequered pattern found on the team’s shorts. I also made a header image, which includes the club crest and the existing UTV logo; to this I added an image of Aston Villa fans, which I altered with some Photoshop filters.

I also added in some widgets (such as a Twitter feed) and generally made the site more appealing.

At the start of 2012, David wanted to change the site’s base theme for something more compatible with PPC ads (in line with their business strategy). I did this, installing a new ad-optimised theme (HeatMap). I then modified the theme skin to roughly match what the site looked like before. Again, I used the same header and background images. I also modified the link colours and made a few adjustments to the site spacing and layout.

Below are screenshots of the site(s):

Up the Villa Home Page

Previous Version

Up the Villa site

Latest Version

Quick progress report

Just posted a new logo I designed for My Tag is a Plant, follow the link to their Facebook page for info. Seems like a really interesting project. Can’t wait to see how they get on!

Also, will hopefully be getting the WISH website online soon. Will let you know when that happens.

Other things going on, had a good conference in Glasgow last week explaining Android dev to college course coordinators from around Scotland. Maybe there’ll be a mobile development course near you soon! Also met up with a lady from the SIE about possible support for my Android project.

Starting full-time work next week, bottom of the ladder network refresh stuff – moving old PC units around a school. Not challenging but I need the money! And if all is well I may be back at Uni in September, will keep you posted on that too.

That’s pretty much all that’s happening just now, check back later for more news!


My Tag is a Plant

my tag is a plant graffiti logo

Company: My Tag is a Plant

Task: Design and create a logo (for use on the Facebook page)

Technologies: Photoshop

Dates: 29th June 2011

My Tag is a Plant is a new community project starting in Alloa, Scotland. They aim to engage people (especially those in disadvantaged situations) to participate in their community as well as raising awareness of environmental issues. The scheme is to get people recycling materials into planters and then filling these with plants to stimulate biodiversity in the area. A key aspect of this is promoting ‘graffiti gardening’, in other words planting wherever people feel like- expressing themselves in their environment through gardening. They also hope to promote the idea of a ‘portable garden’, where plants will be moved around the community.

My task here was to create a logo for their Facebook page (which I also set up). I wanted to convey the graffiti gardening element of the project. This was done in Photoshop; by taking a photograph of their ‘pet’ flower (Gertrude) and applying filters to create a painted look then adding some text. The brick-wall texture is a feature of Photoshop’s ‘texturize’ function.


Couple of new pages

Just posted up a couple of new pages – RO Annual Report and WISH Website.

The WISH website has actually just been restyled with a new theme, hopefully we’ll actually have it online very soon.

Also big changes going on over at MyTour soon. Rebranding and possibly even a new name! Watch this space.

WISH Website

WISH Website Home Page

Home Page

Company: WISH (Women in Sport and Health), Alloa

Task: Website design, implementation and training a small working group to maintain site

Technologies: WordPress, CSS, HTML, Photoshop/GIMP

Dates: February 2011 – October 2011

WISH are a support group for women in Clackmannanshire. They have recently relaunched as a social enterprise; as such they felt they needed a website to generate some extra publicity, as well as keeping current members informed of upcoming events and recent news.

I was asked to develop a site, which is easy to use and easy to maintain. Since the group whole will be in charge of site upkeep are not particularly technically-minded, WordPress seemed like the best option. It can easily be used as a CMS and the back-end is fairly self-explanatory and intuitive. I think with a few hours of training, they should be able to post updates and perform all necessary maintenance (clearing media, checking comments, etc.).

They wanted a clean design. It had to be slightly ‘girly’ as it is for a women’s group, hence the pink and purple colour scheme. They also requested Comic Sans as the font, as this matches all their other publicity material.
The design is based on the Evolve theme, as I really liked how everything is laid out. It also has plenty of customisation options. I also liked the slideshow of recent posts in the header.

The site is not live yet, as hosting has yet to be approved by the committee, however it should be online in the very near future.

Reachout With Arts in Mind Annual Report 2009-2010

reachout with arts in mind annual report 2009-10 cover

Reachout Annual Report Cover

Company: Reachout With Arts In Mind, Alloa

Task: Design and compile annual report for distribution to members and funders and for use as project publicity. Deadline was the AGM 24th March 2011.

Technologies: MS Publisher, Photoshop/GIMP

Dates: March 1st – March 20th 2011

As part of the preparation for their AGM Reachout wanted an Annual Report compiled and designed. It was to highlight and publicize their recent achievements – including exhibitions, conferences and relocation. All reports and statements were supplied, along with some images. My task was to design a vibrant layout, as well as proofing any text and sourcing some additional images to enhance the report.

The purple and yellow background are based on previous Reachout publicity material. I also thought a strong, darker background colour would serve to highlight the photographs and artwork; which is key to an arts project. The font is Arial in black, which is plain and easy to read, again the simplicity is to keep the focus on any images.

The real challenge was ensuring the maximum number of images could be incorporated into to the report around the text, which is important for telling the story of the project. While this did lead to the report being 20 pages, there was 2 years worth of material included.

The report was warmly received by staff and group members alike. I hope that it can be used to generate support and continued interest in a vital project.

Below are just some of the pages of the report. A PDF version of the full publication can be viewed here on the Reachout Website.