Silverlight Assessment Website

University End of Module Assessment (Networked Multimedia)

Task: Create a website relating to a chosen research topic incorporating various Silverlight elements

Technologies: Silverlight (XAML & C#), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Expression Web, Expression Encoder, Expression Blend, Photoshop

Date: April 2012

Group Silverlight project. Focused on Audio Streaming Technologies.

Includes Silverlight animation, embedded videos and interactive Silverlight display object.
Also features CSS rollovers and Javascript image selection.

Available here.

Flash Assessment Project

University End of Module Assessment (Interactive Multimedia)

Task: Create a Flash application demonstrating various functionalities

Technologies: Flash, Actionscript 3, HTML/CSS, Photoshop

Date: April 2012

To assess our learning during the Interactive Multimedia module we were tasked with creating a full Flash application. I chose to create an educational package relating to recycling.

The program is split into 3 sections: information, quiz and game.

The information section is just a series of pages/slides, which the user navigates through linearly (using button clicks). It also includes embedded Flash videos.

The quiz section is similar to the information one, however the user must  answer a series of questions (again using button clicks) before they can navigate to the next page. A response message is dynamically displayed depending on whether their answer was correct or not. A cumulative score is tracked through the quiz and a message is displayed at the end showing their total and some text which depends on in which range the score falls.

The game is a drag and drop game, where the user must drag images of various objects into the correct recycling bin. The object images are each displayed randomly from a set of 9  (3 objects of 3 different categories) – this was done by generating 2 random numbers (one for the category and one for the object) and dynamically loading the corresponding image into an empty movieclip object. The game has a timer of 60 seconds to add an element of challenge and immediacy. Again, a score is tracked through the game and displayed with an appropriate text message at the end of the game.

The visual elements of the application are quite basic as the focus was on functionality. However, now that the framework is built the graphic objects can easily be replaced with some more attractive ones.

There are a few bugs, but these are easily fixed.

I have embedded the application in a basic HTML page for online viewing (available here), however it was exported as a Flash application as well.

HTML/CSS/Javascript Assessment Website

Web Programming Sample Site Homepage

Web Programming Sample Site Homepage

University End of Module Assessment (Web Programming)

Task: Create a website to promote a Web Programming course

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Expression Web, Photoshop

Date: December 2011

This was the final assessment exercise for my Web Programming class. The brief was to create a site advertising the module as a short summer course – using as many examples of HTML, CSS and Javascript as possible.

I incorporated Javascript slideshows, rollovers and form validation. I also included an HTML image map (combined with a rollover feature).

The styling is simple and fairly neutral so as to appeal to a wide audience.

The full site can be browsed here: http://alexjcurrie.heliohost.org/webprogramming.