Site Updates

Quick catch-up

Still here folks,  just been super busy and not had a chance to update my site. Been pretty active around the web though, so plenty for you to see (and get caught up on if you missed it) -just follow the Twitter link.

Almost finished my postgrad  Multimedia and Web Authoring course. Can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. Learned some new stuff which is good – .Net, Flash/ActionScript, Silverlight and shored up my Javascript knowledge too.

Also, been doing some design-y stuff in my free time. Will get all of them uploaded here ASAP, along with my Uni projects if I can find somewhere to host them.

So, yep, that’s it for now. Expect some work posts to go up in the next week or so, when I get some time off from Uni assignments.
In the meantime there’s always Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date.

Ciao for now.


Quick progress report

Just posted a new logo I designed for My Tag is a Plant, follow the link to their Facebook page for info. Seems like a really interesting project. Can’t wait to see how they get on!

Also, will hopefully be getting the WISH website online soon. Will let you know when that happens.

Other things going on, had a good conference in Glasgow last week explaining Android dev to college course coordinators from around Scotland. Maybe there’ll be a mobile development course near you soon! Also met up with a lady from the SIE about possible support for my Android project.

Starting full-time work next week, bottom of the ladder network refresh stuff – moving old PC units around a school. Not challenging but I need the money! And if all is well I may be back at Uni in September, will keep you posted on that too.

That’s pretty much all that’s happening just now, check back later for more news!


Couple of new pages

Just posted up a couple of new pages – RO Annual Report and WISH Website.

The WISH website has actually just been restyled with a new theme, hopefully we’ll actually have it online very soon.

Also big changes going on over at MyTour soon. Rebranding and possibly even a new name! Watch this space.


Folio14 Profile

Just got a profile on Folio14. Pretty basic just now, but hopefully will get some graphics up soon.

If you’re a digital creative (designer, developer, copywriter) it seems like a good resource for exposure.

New updates here over the weekend (if all goes to plan).


Quick round up

Just posted my CV up here, hopefully that gives a better overview of my work experience.

Also, spent Wednesday working  on the MyTour app. Things are coming along nicely. A few issues to iron out. Got some smooth transition animations working though, so that ‘s good. Will keep you posted as things progress.


New pages up

Sitting in The Burgh listening to some smooth jazz. Just added a few new pages. More to come soon. Need lunch.


Updates Coming

Just settled on a theme for my site. Was debating using the same as for the Reachout site, but it’s a great theme, easy to read and good lines.

Will be posting up some more pages as soon as I get screenshots of all my work. Screencapping is not fun. Especially if you have half a dozen at a time to do.

Have updated the Reachout website with some more pages and a bit of reorganisation. More to come there soon.