alex currie


I am a graduate of the University of St Andrews. I am currently studying for a Masters in Multimedia and Web Authoring. I have also been working as a freelance designer, working on various projects ranging from website design to printed media to developing an Android smartphone app.

I am looking to build up a more extensive portfolio of design projects, with a view to finding a career in multimedia design and production.

I have keen interest in User Interface design and think that making things as simple as possible is key to a good UI.

I am somewhat of an activist. I have also been volunteering at a mental health and arts project, and as such have become very interested in mental health activism and combating stigma. I also consider myself  environmentally conscious and try to promote green causes as much as possible.

I am also harnessing the power of social media, not just for professional and personal connections but also for promoting causes and raising issues that I feel are important.