Silverlight Assessment Website

University End of Module Assessment (Networked Multimedia)

Task: Create a website relating to a chosen research topic incorporating various Silverlight elements

Technologies: Silverlight (XAML & C#), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Expression Web, Expression Encoder, Expression Blend, Photoshop

Date: April 2012

Group Silverlight project. Focused on Audio Streaming Technologies.

Includes Silverlight animation, embedded videos and interactive Silverlight display object.
Also features CSS rollovers and Javascript image selection.

Available here.

Flash Assessment Project

University End of Module Assessment (Interactive Multimedia)

Task: Create a Flash application demonstrating various functionalities

Technologies: Flash, Actionscript 3, HTML/CSS, Photoshop

Date: April 2012

To assess our learning during the Interactive Multimedia module we were tasked with creating a full Flash application. I chose to create an educational package relating to recycling.

The program is split into 3 sections: information, quiz and game.

The information section is just a series of pages/slides, which the user navigates through linearly (using button clicks). It also includes embedded Flash videos.

The quiz section is similar to the information one, however the user must  answer a series of questions (again using button clicks) before they can navigate to the next page. A response message is dynamically displayed depending on whether their answer was correct or not. A cumulative score is tracked through the quiz and a message is displayed at the end showing their total and some text which depends on in which range the score falls.

The game is a drag and drop game, where the user must drag images of various objects into the correct recycling bin. The object images are each displayed randomly from a set of 9  (3 objects of 3 different categories) – this was done by generating 2 random numbers (one for the category and one for the object) and dynamically loading the corresponding image into an empty movieclip object. The game has a timer of 60 seconds to add an element of challenge and immediacy. Again, a score is tracked through the game and displayed with an appropriate text message at the end of the game.

The visual elements of the application are quite basic as the focus was on functionality. However, now that the framework is built the graphic objects can easily be replaced with some more attractive ones.

There are a few bugs, but these are easily fixed.

I have embedded the application in a basic HTML page for online viewing (available here), however it was exported as a Flash application as well.

HTML/CSS/Javascript Assessment Website

Web Programming Sample Site Homepage

University End of Module Assessment (Web Programming)

Task: Create a website to promote a Web Programming course

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Expression Web, Photoshop

Date: December 2011

This was the final assessment exercise for my Web Programming class. The brief was to create a site advertising the module as a short summer course – using as many examples of HTML, CSS and Javascript as possible.

I incorporated Javascript slideshows, rollovers and form validation. I also included an HTML image map (combined with a rollover feature).

The styling is simple and fairly neutral so as to appeal to a wide audience.

The full site can be browsed here:

Rise Against Poster

Rise Against Endgame Poster

Client: Rise Against (through Creative Allies)

Task: Design a poster to commemorate Rise Against’s ‘Endgame’ album

Technologies: Photoshop

Date: April 2012

This was created for a design competition on The brief was to create a poster which captured the ideas within the Endgame album- specifically revolution, endings and rebirth.

I was particularly struck by the lyrics used here and wanted to represent this, hence the burning Earth. The flame effect was created by building up several layers of different textures and filter effects and then blending them onto the Earth image.

I created 2 versions. The second displayed the message of rebirth a bit more, but despite the concept in my head, the finished version was not exactly as planned. In the end I think less was more.

Rise Against Poster

Version 2

Up The Villa Website and Header

Up the Villa Header

Client: Up the Villa

Task: Style the existing WordPress-based website.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Photoshop

Date: August 2011 – March 2012

This was another job for David Grimble, Up the Villa is his main website.

This job began in August 2011 but has been ongoing since then, including most recently when the underlying WordPress theme was changed leading to a complete re-skinning.

The initial task was to style the existing site to make it more recognizable as an Aston Villa fan site. I changed the colour scheme to match the team’s strips (claret, sky blue and yellow). I created a background image incorporating the chequered pattern found on the team’s shorts. I also made a header image, which includes the club crest and the existing UTV logo; to this I added an image of Aston Villa fans, which I altered with some Photoshop filters.

I also added in some widgets (such as a Twitter feed) and generally made the site more appealing.

At the start of 2012, David wanted to change the site’s base theme for something more compatible with PPC ads (in line with their business strategy). I did this, installing a new ad-optimised theme (HeatMap). I then modified the theme skin to roughly match what the site looked like before. Again, I used the same header and background images. I also modified the link colours and made a few adjustments to the site spacing and layout.

Below are screenshots of the site(s):

Up the Villa Home Page

Previous Version

Up the Villa site

Latest Version

Quick catch-up

Still here folks,  just been super busy and not had a chance to update my site. Been pretty active around the web though, so plenty for you to see (and get caught up on if you missed it) -just follow the Twitter link.

Almost finished my postgrad  Multimedia and Web Authoring course. Can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. Learned some new stuff which is good – .Net, Flash/ActionScript, Silverlight and shored up my Javascript knowledge too.

Also, been doing some design-y stuff in my free time. Will get all of them uploaded here ASAP, along with my Uni projects if I can find somewhere to host them.

So, yep, that’s it for now. Expect some work posts to go up in the next week or so, when I get some time off from Uni assignments.
In the meantime there’s always Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date.

Ciao for now.


Anyone want to help me with a video project?

Right, this is really simple. The theme is “I can’t say what I want to”.

All I need from you is something you wish you could tell someone but can’t. A phrase, a sentence, a single word. It can be a quote, a lyric, something floating in the back of your head or on the tip of your tongue.

You can send me: a video clip of you writing it, a photo, or just type it and I’ll do the rest. It can be displayed fancily, incorporated into a painting or scribbled in pencil on the back of a napkin… it does need to be readable though.

Credit will be attributed, so don’t forget to include your name if you’re responding from an pseudonym account! All words will be kept anonymous though so don’t worry about any secrets getting out.

So, if you’re interested, email me, PM me, comment with a link… whatever you want. Feel free to tell your friends. The more the merrier!

You have a week.